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2012. április 18., szerda

Alternated Gradients

The "Spectrum" screen saver from Mac OS X is alternated by the use of five Quicktime video players which also reproduce the own screen saver in different times and sizes, following a decreasing and centered composition. Sound - Metallic Sphere by Dylan Fisher

 Emilio Gomariz / 1983, Alcoy, Spain / Trained as a Technical Engineer in Industrial Design / Experiments with digital media / Founder of Triangulation Blog / Lives and works in London. Represented by Fach & Asendorf Gallery Member of Computer Club Drawing Society http://www.emiliogomariz.net/p/work.html

2012. április 6., péntek

Human morning

2011. november 24., csütörtök

Kinetic Sculpture - Fisher Technical Services, Inc.

Fisher Technical Services, Inc. (FTSI) is a Las Vegas-based entertainment automation company best known for its sophisticated "Navigator" software and automation products. Their work spans the entertainment world from movie sets to theme parks, theaters to rock tours, and everything in between. FTSI's mechanical design and fabrication services, automation software, and show control system were used extensively for the Macau Bubble Show, as well as in a myriad of the most technologically advanced theaters and attractions in the world. In 2009, sixteen of the largest private corporations in China decided to finance the Chinese Private Enterprise Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo. They reached out to Fisher Technical Services to create their dream of a kinetic sculpture and 120 days later they had a grid array of 1,008 150mm diameter spheres, each suspended and motivated by its own micro winch

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